Reviews from The Black List

From its lovable protagonist to its hilarious side characters (look forward to meeting Marve), THE ROVERS is a fantastic comedy that is ready for two fantastic actresses to take it to the box office.

​Unique, awkward, absurd, and above all human, the script is a delightfully weird farce that mixes genuine dorkiness with droll, dark comedy, all of it propelled by an excellent lead and a series of wonderful and well-detailed supporting characters (Aunt Pauline is a national treasure).

This script has a fun and consistent tone, reminiscent of a Coen Brothers film.

​The script has the tone of a Coen Brothers film in a universe that is small and somewhat Lynchian. The film should be able to attract audiences who like a good caper as well as dark comedy.

​The humor is delightfully odd, the characters unique and well-developed, and the writing crisp - this is an incredibly strange and enjoyable script with an indie sensibility.

​THE ROVERS is an excellent comedy ripe for a pair of dynamic leading ladies to make it a roaring success.


Jean's feature screenplay The Rovers is one of six Finalists for The Black List Feature Writer's Lab, was a Finalist at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and a Quarterfinalist for the Nicholl Fellowship. It was performed by Popcorn Talk Network/ The Unproduced Table Read, a weekly Vodcast series featuring Hollywood's best unproduced pilot and movie scripts. 

A broke, bumbling dog-groomer sees something strange across the street: every night a Cowboy delivers a different briefcase to a beautiful woman. Our hero soon discovers that it's a money-laundering scheme and can't resist stealing some cash. She soon finds herself on the run from the mob, but with the beautiful woman in tow. Together this odd-couple try to survive and forge an unlikely friendship along the way.