The Bard Space Program


In 2002, three students at Bard College attempted to travel to outer space -- by turning a broken down Volkswagen Scirocco into a spaceship. This is the story of their journey.

  • Comedy, Mockumentary

  • 53 min

  • Starring Jamie O’Shea, Adam Christopher and Bjorn Quenemoen

  • Directed, Shot & Edited by: Jean Pesce



Bjorn Quenemoen & Jamie O’Shea

Bjorn is a Minnesota corn farmer's son and Jamie is an artist and inventor. The two met at Bard College, where Bjorn became known for his delicious family popcorn recipe and Jamie for his wild concepts and contraptions. During a historic session of catch in New York's Central Park, their collaboration was set into motion. Now the two make a cult favorite popcorn and research and experiment with solar power uses in any and every way they can. You can buy BjornCorn here: